Tips For Baking An Apple Pie

Baking An Apple Pie

Have you tried baking an apple pie? This All-American dessert is standard fare in many homes, especially if there are fresh apples available.

What Is So Great About Baking An Apple Pie?

Nothing is more American than an apple pie.  You want to start out with perfect apples, just like the grandma did. But if you bake your pie too long, not only are the apples likely to be mushy, the mixture, mostly sugar and butter, won’t end up edible.   Don’t worry about the brown crust.  This is a common result of  baking. It all means that, if you’re going to make an apple pie, you should under bake it properly! You will notice the difference in quality of your apple pie the next day when you go to bite into it.

baking an apple pie

The recipe for a great apple pie usually calls for a sweet apple filling, such as honey or molasses. These fillings runny or creamy and are usually very rich. You can find recipes for all different types of fillings online. My personal favorite is to use a combination of vanilla extract, cinnamon, brown sugar, canned fruit (great for winter), and canned fruit juices.

The reason why many people try to make an apple pie recipe is because the fresh ingredients taste so much better. But it’s also because the less cooking time there is, the more the apples soak up their juice and flavor. I’ve heard people say that the flavor of the pie is so much better if you make it from scratch.

It’s Okay To Use Pre-Made Crusts

For those who are unfamiliar with the method of baking a pie, it basically consists of putting an uncooked pie shell in a piece of bakeware, covering it with aluminum foil, then placing in your filling. This is usually done over a period of about one hour or until the apples are cooked and soft. It’s important to not over bake  or your apples will turn to mush.  As always, have a good recipe and the right ingredients.

After baking your apples, it’s important to allow them to sit and mellow out a bit. Some cookbooks suggest waiting a full day to give your apples the chance to mellow out. To make the apple cider a bit more sweet, add some brown sugar or honey to the juice. Don’t add the juice to the bottom of the pie shell, or you’ll end up with a gloppy mess. Better to let the apples soak up their juice while they are still on the top crust.

The classic favorite of apple pie bakers all across America is the Granny Smith and there’s no wonder why. These pies have that luscious sweet flavor and are absolutely delicious when served with a variety of fruits. If you’re not a pie eater, consider these tasty treats for your next dinner party.

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