Let’s Talk About Cookie Sheets

The Best Cookie Sheets

Rule number one for baking great cookies is to have good cookie sheets. Bad cookie sheets will almost guarantee bad cookies, even if you have used the best ingredients possible.  A good baking sheet, also called a cookie sheet, in one that distributes heat evenly, keeps its shape at high temperatures for long periods of time and keeps cookies from sticking to it.

Rimmed Aluminum Cookie Sheets

Rimmed Aluminum Cookie SheetsMost commercial bakers will use heavy duty cookie and baking sheets that are made from aluminum.  This material is excellent for baking as it holds heat evenly and won’t warp when exposed to very high temperatures.  Aluminum also won’t rust, meaning that no matter how many times you wash these pans, there won’t be rust spots that will end up ruining the sheet for future use.

The sides are rimmed to help keep food from spilling over the edge of the cookie sheet.  You may think that you have left enough room on the side, but any experienced baker can tell you stories about having to clean their ovens because of unexpected food spills.

Non Stick Cookie Sheets

Non Stick Cookie Sheets

Bakers and cooks everywhere thank the day that non-stick surfaces came to the kitchen.  This miracle material makes life so much easier.  Food doesn’t stick to it but it will still cook thoroughly.  Non-stick baking sheets are made with steel and are coated with a non-stick treatment.  The non-stick surface is durable and some of the newer models can even go into the dishwasher.

There are downsides to these baking sheets, however.  They steel used is less durable than aluminum and can warp at high heats if exposed for very long periods of time.  The non-stick coating can tear easily and peel.  Make sure to use silicone, plastic or wooden kitchen utensils to remove your cookies.

Air Insulated Cookie Sheets

Air Insulated Cookie SheetsA newer addition to the world of cookie sheets is the air insulated baking sheet.  This is an aluminum sheet that has small domes on the under side.  These domes trap air, which becomes heated and is circulated between the two layers of the baking sheet.  This design allows the heat to be distributed more evenly and will cut down on the length of time needed to bake your cookies.

Baking cookies is fun and not difficult.  Nothing smells better that a kitchen that has been used to bake cookies and that have just come out of the oven.  A good cookie needs a good recipe, good ingredients and a good cookie sheet.  The rest is up to you.

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