Bread Baking Cookbooks Part One

Baking Bread Cookbooks

Nothing smells better in your house than freshly baked bread. Baking bread isn’t all that difficult, but you should have cookbooks to help you find the right recipes.  The basic components of bread baking stay the same.  You need yeast, sugar, flour and water.  But the next steps are critical and that is where good cookbooks with great recipes are needed.

How To Bake Bread

There has been a noticeable increase in the area of baking artisan bread.  These breads are a bit more complicated but offer an amazing range of flavors and textures not found in the breads sold in your supermarket.  However, you don’t need to bake artisan breads to make excellent breads at home.  There are hundreds of recipes created to guide you through the bread making process successfully.  What you want to do is find recipes that work for you and give you the results that you are hoping for.  Here are some of our favorite bread baking cookbooks that you may enjoy.

Flour Water Salt Yeast Bread Cookbook

Flour Water Salt Yeast Bread Cookbook

The title tells you what you should expect.  This excellent bread cookbook takes the four basic ingredients used to bake bread and then builds upon them for some outstanding bread.  Beginning bakers can find a ton of information to help them become better bakers, while experienced bakers can discover new recipes and maybe find some new tips.  There are over 270 pages of recipes and baking tips in this book.  The recipes are very well written and the photography is mouth watering.

Bread Baking Cookbook

Paul Hollywood’s Bread Cookbook

Paul Hollywoods Bread Cookbook

Love him or hate him on the Great British Baking Contest, Paul Hollywood does know a few things about baking bread.  I was skeptical about this book because on his shows, Hollywood likes to focus on obscure foods that no one really wants to eat.  However, this cookbook turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  The recipes are well written and explained, and the photography was very good.  Some of the ingredients are a bit obscure, but over all this is a very fun bread baking cookbook.

Bread Baking CookbookKing Arthur Flour Bread Baking Cookbook

King Arthur Flour Bread Baking Cookbook

It may be a bit self serving for a flour company to print a cookbook that features their flour.  It also might be a very good resource because a flour company should know everything about how their product works when used in baking.  Turns out the latter is the case, this is a very good bread baking cookbook.  Yes, the recipes all call for King Arthur flour, but they are very good recipes and you will end up with some excellent breads.

Bread Baking Cookbook

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